In my Solo Show in the East Village of NYC, titled, Infinity Takes Forever, I presented six large reverse paintings on sheet Acrylic that represented my visual description of the Universal Energy holding our world together. It draws me in, spins me around, and on a good day, allows me temporary access to the illusive place where my creativity lives. It simultaneously drains me, and frees me of myself. I experience a connection to the cosmos, causing me to feel more like a whole beach and less like a single grain of sand. I strive to paint what I am feeling at that moment in time, without concern for what came before or what will be next. My only goal is to record an image of the continuum of time and space that I believe in. I pay homage to the Impressionist's and their celebration of complementary color, to Leonardo da Vinci for his relentless pursuit of merging art and science, to the precision of the Dutch Still Life masters, and to the creativity of Picasso.  
By painting in reverse, I used the acrylic sheet as a unifying flat "lens" to reduce the physicality of the paint surface on the viewing plane. The paint texture becomes illusionary and at the same time, the spatial relationships of form and color become more vivid. I consider these paintings to be maps of the internal space in my mind, and the vast unknown external space in the universe. In each painting, I use the Infinity Symbol to represent my self, as I navigate through the visual territory I have made public and consider worth sharing. As with other map makers throughout history, I am driven by the love of discovery, combined with an unquenchable thirst for new frontiers. I invite the viewer to enter these space scape’s to explore, to consider, and to remember that :


R. Wayne Reynolds

March 2015



R. Wayne Reynolds was born in Arlington, Virginia on February 22, 1953. A visit to the National Gallery of Art at the age of five, combined with regular visits to the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum made an impermeable impression that formed the foundation for his love of art and nature, and set the standard for his creative work.


After receiving his BFA in Painting from The Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1975, Mr. Reynolds founded a Baltimore based company devoted to the 500 year old craft of gilding. His professional career as a Gold Leaf Conservator brought in museum clients and private collectors from all over the country. Working as a conservator provided extensive exposure to world class art, but it took twenty three years before he returned to making his own art. Selling his company to Sotheby's and moving to New York in 1998 was the catalyst for that to resume. He began to exhibit his work in 2009 for the first time since college. 




R. Wayne Reynolds Consulting LLC

New York, NY



Master Gilder & Senior Collection Consultant

Julius Lowy Frame and Restoring Company Inc.

New York, NY



Founded Giltwood Restoration

Gilding services: museums, fine art collectors, antique dealers and interior design clients

NYC and Metropolitan Area



Head of Gilding Department

Sotheby's Restoration, Claverack, NY 



Frame Conservation Department 

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.


Founded R. Wayne Reynolds, Ltd.

Company specializing in the 500 year old craft of gilding.

Conservation treatment was provided for historic gilded picture frames, mirror frames, furniture, and decorative arts objects for museums and private collectors nation wide.

Baltimore, MD