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Every panel can be moved by the viewer to any position on the grid and be turned in four different directions, resulting in a factorial of 9 x (4)^9 or 95 billion permutations.

Noah's Dream About The Ark, 2017

A Nine Panel Interactive Painting

Acrylic on Acrylic Panels and Neodymium Magnets, 12" x 12"

Land of Plenty
16 Panel Interactive Painting
Acrylic on Tyvek
26" x 26", 2011
A factorial of 16 x (4)^16 or 89 sextillion permutations

52" x 52"

Interactive Painting
Oil on Tyvek with Neodymium Magnets
52" x 52", (132cm x 132cm) 2010
Interactive Drawing
Litho Crayon on Tyvek with Neodymium Magnets 

52" x 52", (132cm x 132cm) 2010
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